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CBD Oils vs. Other CBD Products: Why Premium Quality Matters


Have you noticed how CBD products seem to be appearing everywhere in the last few years? Even if you have never heard of CBD before, you would have seen bottles of CBD on the shelves of pharmacies or stores. Those who have no idea what CBD is and what the hype around it is must be left wondering what CBD is and why it has suddenly become so popular. In simple terms, CBD is a compound found in the cannabis sativa plant and as per recent research, it has a lot of potential to treat a range of physical and mental ailments.

Though many companies have come up with CBD oil, one should know not all CBD oil is created equal. As with so many other popular items, there is the “real deal” and then there is the cheap knockoff. As a result, doing your CBD research before buying any CBD-based products is what one should do. With CBD appearing on every online portal, how do you buy premium CBD oil in India that is as healthy and natural as it claims to be? In the following section, we will help to break it down.

Most of the CBD products online are very expensive can’t I just buy any other CBD oil? Is Quality Really Important? 

Simply put, the answer is yes. It’s not always necessary for every product you use on a daily basis to be of name brand or “top of the line,” but when it comes to health and wellness products – those you ingest or apply topically on a regular basis – that’s a whole different story. Quality is critical in these types of products, and CBD products are no exception. As previously stated, not all products are created equal. Many fruits and vegetables, for example, may be naturally healthy. However, how they are grown and processed matters a great deal. If they are grown in nutrient-deficient/depleted soils and sprayed with pesticides, something that could be very nutritious and beneficial to the body becomes far less healthy. The same is true for CBD. The soil in which hemp is grown, how it is processed, how the company has taken care of the quality part and so on all have an impact. 

How to Identify a High-Quality CBD Product 

When purchasing a CBD product, it is essential to consider how the ingredients are grown and processed, as well as what other ingredients are included in (or excluded from) the final product and who sells the product. It is not enough to simply believe the claims on the label or to be swayed by the attractive packaging. Although what we said above is not an exhaustive list, we recommend looking for the following before purchasing a CBD product: 

Origin of the product: Check if the company disclose the origin of the product as well as the farming practices used to produce it. Also, keep in mind that when you buy premium CBD oil in India, CBD products from Colorado, in particular, are well-known for their high quality. 

Ingredients of High Quality: A product is only as good as the ingredients. Pay attention to the ingredients in your product and ensure that the active ingredient is not mixed with or cut with inferior additives. 

Lab Testing: This is potentially the most important, as labs confirm that what a company claims is in the bottle is indeed in the bottle. There will be no guessing about the ingredients and CBD levels. Check the Third-party lab testing as it is the only way to ensure the absence of harsh chemicals (pesticides, solvents, etc.) and contaminants (mold, heavy metals, etc.). Furthermore, the lab results should always be available to the customer. 

Supercritical CO2 extraction: To extract the compounds, the best CBD oils use safe solvents such as supercritical CO2. This ensures a safe extract, free of residues or additives, which is not always the case with other extraction methods. CBD oils made with chemicals such as propane, butane, pentane, or hexane should be avoided because they can leave dangerous contaminants behind.

Made from naturally grown hemp: Hemp is classified as a “hyperaccumulator” plant. That fancy word simply means that hemp absorbs everything from the soil in which it grows. What it absorbs can be beneficial, such as vitamins and minerals, or detrimental, such as lead, petroleum, and toxic chemicals. The most secure CBD oil will be sourced from an area where the government requires farmers to be certified and have their fields tested for toxic substances on a regular basis. Check with the company from where they are sourcing the CBD strain. 

The cost isn’t too low to be true: High-quality CBD oils aren’t cheap to produce, so if the price is extremely low, it’s a good indication that it’s made with inferior or contaminated raw materials, subpar solvents, or contains little if any, actual CBD. To be safe, you don’t have to buy the most expensive product on the market. Look for reasonable prices and positive customer feedback.

The amount of CBD is displayed on the product label: A reputable company will tell you how much CBD you’re getting right on the label.

Made with “whole-plant” extracts rather than CBD isolates: CBD oils derived from whole-plant extracts, also known as full-spectrum oils, are generally thought to be of higher quality than CBD isolates. 

THC content is less than 0.3%: Hemp-derived CBD oils may contain trace amounts of THC (typically 0.3% or less), but not nearly enough to get you high. Before making a purchase, double-check the labels and lab reports for exact figures. 

So we are saying,

As CBD becomes more popular, it’s critical to ensure that you buy cbd oil in India which is of high quality and comes from a reputable source. A reputable company will be completely open and honest about the quality and production of its products.

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