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Influence of Serotonin on human mind


Cannabis is known to be containing different types of compounds which are having various effectson our bodies. Some of the compounds of Cannabis areused for medical treatments. One such compound is CBD. CBD or Cannabidiol is obtained from the cannabis plant. It is known for having multiple health benefits, such as pain relief, and it also reduces inflammation. However, with so many health benefits,it also has some side effects.So,this article will cover the benefits and side effects of using cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid& its components

Cannabis consists of different types of plants having psychoactive properties. Although consuming Cannabis is illegal in most parts of the world. But it is associated with a calming and relaxing effect. Many researchers have found that Cannabis is associated with different medical properties,which is why it is inculcated in drugs. In some states of the USA, it is prescribed to patients suffering from poor appetite, chronic pain, and glaucoma.

Cannabis consists of 120 components that are referred to as cannabinoids. Still,some properties of Cannabinoidsare not yet discovered. But majorly, Cannabis is composed of Tetra hydro cannabinol andCannabidiol.

It is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is non-toxic, and it won’t keep you high.Cheefbotanicals Premium CBD oil contains the purest form of CBD oil. The CBD oil is extracted from Cannabis, providing ease from migraine, seizures, anxiety, and nausea.This is a 5T – serotonin. Another type of psychoactive compound is present in Cannabis. This component is responsible for keeping you high.

Health benefits of 5HT

The Cannabinoid is highly responsible for reducing anxiety and stress.Apart from providing mental relaxation, it also melts physical tension. THC relaxes your muscles and offers other benefits too.It can provide recovery and stress to the body. This is done by shifting your focus to different things to avoid stress. It providesanti-inflammatoryproperties so that your body canprotect against inflammation.

Apart from providing benefits, the Cannabinoidwas found to be having some significant side effects on the body. This is the reason why it is illegal in some countries.It is associated with developing the bipolar disease. And in some cases,an overdose of cannabinoids can result in suicidal thoughts.Cannabinoid does not cause cancer but can promote testicular cancer formation.If you smoke cannabinoids regularly, you may suffer from chronic cough resulting in Asthma.

Final Verdict

It becomes essential to know that although there are benefits of Cannabis, as it contains CBD and THC. The Cheefbotanicals Premium CBD oilis found to be associated with many health benefits. You can look towards its property from One thing to note here is that although Cannabis is obtained from plants, it is natural but has some negative and positive effects.

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