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ROM Technologies: What Patients Are Saying About The Portable Connect


The ROM Technologies Portable Connect is a device that has a chance to revolutionize tele medicine after knee surgery. While the device works for ankle and hip patients, it’s caught on, particularly with knee surgery recovery to get people back on track. 

Patients of all ages have been able to try out the Portable Connect and see what it provides. Reviews are coming in, and plenty of people have positive things to say about the device. All this positive publicity leads to more intrigue from doctors and patients alike. 

What are some of the main themes from positive reviews? Patients generally have this to say about what a tele medicine device provides.

Faster Recovery 

Early studies show that people who used the ROM Technologies Portable Connect had faster recovery than the average patient. That seems to be a common theme in positive reviews. 

What patients notice is they regain range of motion significantly faster than patients using traditional rehab options. There’s also reduced pain, which helps get people back on their feet and moving to some degree, feeling less pain with more overall movement. 

Less pain also reduces the chance of any adverse drug habits forming. Too many cases exist of people becoming addicted to painkillers after surgery to try and deal with the pain. With less pain, the odds of that happening go down significantly. 

Long-Lasting Results 

The Portable Connect doesn’t work as some way to cheat the system and feel better in the short term. It’s aimed toward providing long-lasting results that get a person back to feeling like they did years before. 

The best way for any person to recover after surgery is to stick with the rehab precisely as the doctor prescribes. The ROM Technologies patented Portable Connect provides an opportunity for faster recovery, leading to better results overall. 

Just by completing the rehab, patients reduce the chances of having to go through another surgery significantly. Anything can happen, but it just makes sense to put in extra effort to live a healthier life post-operation. 

Time and Money Saver 

The time and money saved with Portable Connect compared to other rehab options is a major selling point. There is an upfront cost with Portable Connect, but the same goes for extensive rehab appointments and any type of traditional devices purchased. 

Once a Portable Connect is purchased, there are minimal additional costs involved. Doctor visits are much easier and cheaper. There’s also time and money saved by not having to drive to rehab multiple times a week, as rehab can be done from home.

If a person can’t stay on schedule with their rehab device at home, there’s no hope of attending appointments regularly.  

Easy Instructions 

When a Portable Connect gets delivered to a patient, a ROM Tech employee handles the initial setup process. They walk through how everything works, but easy instructions are also left to reference at any time. No one has to worry about it not working properly or failing to report information to the doctor. 

Despite all the technology built into Portable Connect, the simplicity from a user’s standpoint is outstanding. Patients don’t have to worry about trying to troubleshoot anything. It works as it should, and since it’s tailored to a person’s body, there’s no need for constant adjustments. 

Growing Availability 

Any new release is going to have limited availability at first. Finding a product with limited availability is undoubtedly frustrating, but ROM Tech has worked hard to ensure supply meets demand. 

The device is now available in more areas around the United States than ever before. A patient can go directly through a doctor or reach out to ROM Technologies specifically to see what options are available. 

A Wealth of Data 

After every completed rehab assignment, there’s a wealth of data patients can take a look at if they wish. While significant data is sent directly to the doctor, some will find that they can get motivation from seeing progression through everything tracked. 

A Portable Connect app is easy to connect with and see the information. Even if there is minor progression, it’s great to see changes. The data can act as motivation in some ways for people to reach new goals daily or weekly.

Pandemic Friendly

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the spring of 2020, it became much harder to attend medical appointments. Restrictions have been lifted to some degree, but it will be a while before people regularly go back to a medical office the way they did before the pandemic.

With the ROM Technologies Portable Connect, there’s no risk of catching COVID-19 in the waiting room. There are also no worries about whether or not equipment gets adequately cleaned off. A Portable Connect is an individual‘s device only, keeping everything as clean as possible. 

After knee surgery, the patient never has to return to a medical office for rehab needs.

What’s Next For Portable Connect? 

Despite the growing availability, Portable Connect continues to focus on getting the device out there to the masses.  Traditional rehab for knee surgery doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as it’s always been. 

The way things worked became generally accepted, but ROM Tech looks at it as a way to change everything. Look for the company to make subtle improvements and upgrades as time goes on. 

There is bound to be competition from many other companies, but Portable Connect has a leg up on everyone else with this release. Doctors are seeing the results and noticing what patients have to say. It’s tough to ignore positive feedback coming in at a fast rate.

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