Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing: Revive the Diminished Glow and Get a Youthful Complexion!


Every human being on this planet is different from another. We have different skin colors, long hair, short hair, and bulky, thin, pretty, average, and ugly-looking features. One thing that we all should know is that we all are pretty and if not we can become pretty in this 21st century. We all know how celebrities get that perfect chin, flawless skin, and smooth features and that is a cosmetic beauty treatment. One beauty treatment that is very popular, these days, is laser skin or laser resurfacing. If there are minor flaws on your skin you can get rid of them with the facial rejuvenation method using a laser. For that, you will need to visit laser skin services in NY.

Facial rejuvenation is done using two techniques which are:

  • An ablative laser that removes the epidermis and heats the dermis resulting in collagen stimulant
  • The non-ablative laser does the same stimulates collagen growth and is less aggressive on the skin

These methods can be used to remove fine lines, and acne marks, lose skin tone, and also help in enhancing your skin tone. Just keep in mind that these statements are for minor flaws and not to remove excessive marks or sagging skin.  Laser resurfacing is an ideal treatment to get rid of

Moderate skin scars

  • Sun damaged skin
  • Age spots
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone

Are there any risks?

Everyone who wishes to go for laser skin treatments must look for risks first. There are side effects but they are mild and depend upon the treatment you choose for.  Some side effects are

  • Infection can lead to viral, bacterial, and fungal infection
  • Redness, pain, and swelling can last for a few weeks
  • Changes in skin color can become darker
  • Acne as tiny bumps can grow on the treated skin

Laser resurfacing is not for all people so you must consult a wise dermatologist first.  Your doctor is going to tell you everything before you get started. They are also going to check how sensitive your facial skin is. Is it strong enough to bear laser treatment or not?  Some caution that your dermatologist is going to take regarding

Do you have any history related to keloid scars?

  • Have any auto-immune disease
  • Have been taking acne medication
  • Have gone through any radiation therapy
  • If you are pregnant or bosom feeding
  • Have gone through laser resurfacing before
  • Have dark skin or tanned skin
  • Have a history of ectropion
  • If prone to cold sores or herpes virus

If these are the things you are dealing with or have then you do not make a good candidate. You will have to share every detail of your medical history to be safe with the laser treatment even if it is for cosmetic purposes.

How do you prepare?

Make an appointment with laser skin services in NY where you will meet professionals. They are going to first ask about your history so you need to be prepared with true answers. You will be asked about any medical conditions or medications you are taking right now or have recently finished any course. They will also ask you about how your skin responds to sun exposure. They are also going to perform a physical examination that will help experts examine your skin. This is done to determine the changes that your skin will get and how your physical features will be enhanced.

You must talk to your doctor about what you expect, potential risks, etc. Together you can make this treatment successful.  You also must know how much time your skin will need to heal and what results you can expect from the treatment.

Pre-treatment precautions

  • If you have herpes around the mouth area doctor is going to give you medication to prevent infection
  • You must avoid going out in the sun too much or wear good sunscreen.  There can be chances of permanent irregular pigmentation with sun exposure. You must protect your skin from too much heat
  • If you smoke then you will need to quit smoking at least a couple of weeks before. This prevents any side effects and also helps with healing

What to expect during the procedure?

There is going to be a team of experts around you. The first thing is applying medication to numb the skin. In the case of the entire face sometimes sedation is used. Make sure you have someone to drive you back home on the day of treatment.  An intense laser beam is used to destroy the outer layer and heats the internal layer. It might take 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete the treatment. Results might take a few months after getting laser skin services in NY. Bared Monkey is the professional laser skin service provider in New York where you get a chance to deal with your facial flaws with safety and guaranteed results.

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