Milk, gel, oil, foam… Which facial cleanser

Milk, gel, oil, foam… Which facial cleanser to choose?


Cleansing your face is an extremely important part of your beauty routine. It helps get rid of the rest of makeup , impurities and dead cells that may have accumulated on the skin throughout the day. It is still necessary to choose the formula adapted to your type of skin… Because there are a good handful of them.

Cleanse your face with a cleansing gel

First of all, you should know that a facial cleanser is only used after the make-up removal stage. This double cleansing is slightly longer, but it ensures that all the impurities present on the surface of the epidermis have been completely removed thanks to a passage carried out in two stages .

The choice of cleansing formula depends on two important things: your skin type, of course, and above all, the action you are looking for .

Cleansing gels for normal, combination and oily skin

Normal skin is the one that has the least difficulty building a beauty routine . And for good reason: they are not sensitive, do not dry out at the slightest contact with water and do not become greasy.

For them, a sulphate-free cleansing gel is ideal because it will complete the make-up removal by removing the remaining impurities present on the skin.

Combination to oily skins can also afford this kind of cleanser because they most often need to be rebalanced and purified. Thanks to active ingredients such as zinc or tea tree , sebum production is regulated, the skin is therefore less oily.

Category apart, some gels are formulated for skin that normally does not support water. They practically do not foam (so no need to put 3 tons) and are designed not to dry out the epidermis.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit the last step to test before giving up and moving towards cleansing milks or creams.

In the past, we tended to think that a cleanser that foams is a cleanser that works well. In fact, we now know that a formula that produces a lot of lather is often loaded with sulfates , a harsh ingredient that strips the skin more than it cleans it.

Fortunately, there are now natural substitutes , which allow you to obtain a little foam without having to undermine the skin barrier. So remember to be vigilant when choosing your facial cleanser.

Cleansing foams

Here, we are talking about foams found in pumps, which by the magic of technology are first liquid in the bottle and then become foam in the hand (it’s the pump that does everything).

Their particularity is that their texture is particularly satisfying to use and provides a real feeling of well-being. But who says foam does not necessarily mean softness ! It all really depends on its wording.

When in doubt, they should be reserved for normal or combination skin rather than for others which can really be attacked by the presence of certain stronger active ingredients.

Surgras breads are dedicated to people who have skin problems and allergies. Particularly gentle, they preserve the hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis because their acid-base balance  is closer to that of the skin.

No need to tell you that no, you don’t clean your face with a bar of soap: it removes its sebum, it leaves residue and in the long term it messes up the skin barrier .

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