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Our smile plays a key role in the perception and image that others have of us. Healthy, white teeth are seen as a sign of health, youth and charm. Who does not wish to have a dazzling white teeth! But unfortunately, pristine white teeth do not reflect reality, as the natural color of teeth varies from person to person. Also, the consumption of certain foods as well as aging change their color over time. However, a treatment can restore the shine to your smile: dental whitening.

Why aren’t your teeth white?

First of all, you should know that a wide variety of tooth colors exist: in some they are more yellow, and in others, more gray. So even if you maintain impeccable oral hygiene, it is quite possible that your teeth will not be perfectly white.Several healthy lifestyle habits will promote the whiteness of your smile. It is best to avoid cigarettes. It not only causes yellowing of the teeth, it also causes bad breath.

If you are an inveterate coffee addict, know that this addiction to your favorite nectar has a notorious impact on the color of your teeth. Indeed, coffee and tea stain the teeth considerably.

Foods that promote white teeth

Did you know that certain foods promote white teeth? Indeed, some raw vegetables such as carrots, celery or cauliflower polish the surface of the teeth when they are bitten. They also stimulate saliva production and are rich in water, which helps clean the mouth.

Yogurt and other dairy products contain certain nutrients that remove stains from the surface of the teeth.

Actions to avoid

Several companies offer charcoal-based toothpastes. If it can be effective in the short term, it could, in the long term, have very damaging effects for your teeth. Indeed, the activated carbon used in the composition of these toothpastes is very abrasive and could cause irreversible damage to your teeth, since it could damage your enamel and it does not have the property to regenerate.

Although certain lifestyle habits promote immaculate teeth, you may be tempted to opt for a teeth whitening technique. A multitude of options are then available to you! Which one to choose? Here are some lines that we hope could help you make your choice.

Which whitening technique to choose?

There are two types of whitening toothpastes: those containing abrasive ingredients and those containing a chemical ingredient to lighten the teeth.

Toothpastes of the first category are not real whitening products: they only exert their action on the stains on the surface of the teeth. We strongly advise against them, as they can damage your enamel. Toothpastes of the second category, on the other hand, contain very little bleaching agent, and therefore their effect is not noticeable.

Also, beware of the one-size-fits-all aligners often included in these kits, because as they are not made to measure, some of your teeth will regain more shine than others thanks to the treatment, creating a “piano effect”. unflattering. Bleach is also more likely to leak into your mouth or come into contact with your gums, causing sensitivity.

And ultimately, by using these over-the-counter products, you don’t get the security you get from the dentist who can monitor side effects, like tooth sensitivity and gum pain, and adjust treatment to eliminate them as needed. .

The main advantages of teeth whitening at the dentist are the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. In this sense, dentists can use more powerful whitening agents than those available over the counter, therefore optimizing the results and their durability. Also, dentists are trained to detect and treat the side effects that treatment sometimes causes. They can also advise you and help you adjust your expectations regarding the results of whitening.

Thanks to this examination, the risks that the treatment aggravates an oral problem already present are ruled out. And if there is indeed a risk, the dentist can advise against the treatment.

You will then have to wear this gutter for 1 hour a day for 2 to 6 weeks. Of course, the duration of the treatment may vary depending on the initial color of your teeth. Once your treatment is finished, you can keep your trays to be able to make touch-ups in the future, if desired, by obtaining the whitening gel from your dentist.

This whitening technique has several advantages:

The trays, since they are adapted to the patient’s dentition, optimize the contact between the teeth and the whitening agents for better results;

The consistency of results achieved with custom-made aligners cannot be matched by over-the-counter products;

Whitening trays can be worn when it suits the patient.

Hydrogen or carbamide peroxide is used as a bleaching agent. On contact with the tooth, the peroxide releases oxygen which eliminates stains and whitens the teeth.

As we work with the body’s natural pigments during teeth whitening, the results are impossible to predict. Depending on the nature of the stains on the teeth, the difference will be noticeable for some people, while it will be less significant for others. Nevertheless, the variation is usually two to seven shades.

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